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About   D13EGO

Original stencil and spray paint on canvas. Commission.


  • Mar 2024 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)
  • Oct 2023 - The Holy Art Fair - London (UK) 
  • Oct 2023 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK) 

  • Jul 2023 - The Other Art Fair London (UK) 

  • Jul 2022 - Th Other Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Oct 2021 - The Other Art Fair London (UK)

  • Mar 2020 - Talented Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Jul 2019 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Apr 2019 - The Other Art Fair - Brooklyn, NY (USA)

  • Oct 2018 - Accessible Art Fair - Brussels (BE)

  • Aug 2018 - An Exquisite Mess - London (UK)

  • Apr 2018 - Grid Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Mar 2018 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Mar 2017 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Oct 2016 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)

  • Sep 2016 - New Artist Fair - London (UK)

  • Apr 2016 - The Other Art Fair - London (UK)

D13EGO's creations are a symphony of color, emotion, and cultural influences, inviting viewers into a world where tradition and modernity coalesce. With a profound dedication to his craft, D13EGO continues to push artistic boundaries, creating a legacy that resonates with admirers around the globe.


Born in Milan and raised in London, D13EGO's journey is a captivating tale of evolution, passion, and a profound connection to diverse art forms.

At the tender age of 12, D13EGO embarked on his artistic odyssey, initially honing his skills as a portrait artist. The canvas became his playground, and his innate talent drew attention early on.

The artistic journey then took an exciting turn into the world of comics during his teenage years, where he contributed his creativity to a local magazine.


As the 90s unfolded, D13EGO found inspiration in the burgeoning graffiti culture that was taking root in Italy. Armed with spray paint, he embraced the dynamic and rebellious spirit of street art, leaving his mark on walls and surfaces that became his urban canvas.

However, life's twists and turns led D13EGO down a different path for a while. Spending 15 years as a financial trader in the bustling City of London, he navigated the intricate world of finance. Yet, the call of his true passion remained undeniable.


In 2013, D13EGO made the bold decision to transition from the world of finance to fully embrace his identity as a professional artist. This pivotal moment marked the renaissance of his artistic career, as he reclaimed his place in the world of creativity.

Currently residing and working in the vibrant district of Islington, London, D13EGO's art transcends boundaries. His works are a testament to the rich amalgamation of his British and Italian roots, coupled with the diverse experiences that have shaped his artistic perspective.

Explore the multifaceted world of D13EGO's artistry, where each stroke tells a story, and every piece is a testament to the unbridled spirit of creativity.

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